Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme

The Dominica citizenship by investment program is a successful non-residency citizenship program designed to generate funding for ongoing development projects in Dominica. The Dominica Second Passport program is a forward thinking economic citizenship concept brought to reality in 1991, ratified under the Dominica Citizenship Act of 1990. Initially conceptualized to subsidize major tourism projects in Dominica, the second citizenship program grew into a thriving and viable economic development program. In 1993 an amendment to the Citizenship Act would allow persons to apply for in exchange for a stipulated financial investment, without any residency requirement; a feature that is extremely attractive to investors who do not want to have to fulfill lengthy residency requirements to get a second citizenship. The ongoing success of the Dominica Economic Citizenship program hinges on extremely diligent administration, careful screening and selection of candidates and a well regulated program. Part of this economic citizenship program incorporates a due diligence process which ensures the programs applicants are suitable qualified for Dominica citizenship and the Dominica passport.

Applicants successfully qualifying for the Dominica Economic Citizenship program are granted:

  • Citizenship for life
  • A Renewable 2nd passport (valid for 10 years) or (5 if a child under 12)
  • Full residency status
  • Tax free status on foreign income
  • All rights as a Dominican


There are two investment options under the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program:

  1. The Single Option
  2. The Family Option


As of September 1 st a few changes will be made to the Dominica Economic Citizenship program which will include new investment rates and packages. They have been listed below.

Package A: The Single Option application is defined as one where the investor (whether single or married) is the sole applicant for economic citizenship. Under this option the “Single” investor would be required to make cash investment of US$100,000. Package B: The Family Application- is defined as one where the investor and spouse. Under this the “family” would be required to make cash investment of US$170, 000. Package C: Family Application Two- this applies to an applicant and spouse and two children below the age of eighteen (18) which is worth an investment of US$200,000. In cases where there are more than the stipulated number of children mentioned above then additional provisions have been made at additional costs to the applicant.


In addition to the capital, there are other applicable fees for Dominica Economic Citizenship Program. Economic citizenship applications cannot be handled individually by an applicant, but must be processed by a local licensed agent. The agent will be the liaison between the government agencies and the applicant. Agent fees vary depending on the copse of work required, though most have a fixed fee.


Agent fees – undefined

Due Diligence fees – undefined and are paid by the applicant directly to the international agency appointed to conduct the investigation. This is to ensure the integrity of the Dominica economic citizenship process.

Application fee - US$1,000 per investor (Non-refundable)

Processing Fee - US$200 per applicant (Non-refundable)

Naturalization Fee - US$550 per applicant

Stamp Fee - US$15 per applicants


The Requirements for Dominica Economic Citizenship

  • Investors must be over 21 years of age.
  • Applicants for Economic Citizenship must be of outstanding character.
  • Application must be on the prescribed form and all necessary supporting documentation must be provided.
  • Application must be handled by a local authorized THE AGENT/PROMOTER OF THE INVESTOR

The application for Dominica second passport and citizenship must include:

  • personal references
  • professional references
  • bank recommendation
  • original birth certificates, marriage certificates or divorce certificates where applicable
  • an affidavit declaring source of funds for the investor
  • police records must be provided for all applicants above the age of sixteen (16) (and must be obtained in every country where persons have lived for more than six (6) months)
  • certified passport size photos ( four per person)
  • a letter of employment
  • medical certificates

Included in the package also must be a letter of application for economic citizenship addressed to the Minister responsible for Citizenship stating the reason(s) for applying for economic citizenship. Application forms must be signed by applicant or by the parent or lawful guardian of children below eighteen (18) years old. Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the English language. The application process for Dominica second citizenship program includes an interview which is conducted in English. That interview is normally in Dominica, but at the cost of the applicant, the interview can be arranged in London or New York as such, it is required that all participants have a basic knowledge of the English Language and knowledge of the island of Dominica. Once an applicant has been approved for Dominica second citizenship an oath will be taken which makes the individual a citizen of Dominica. The citizen may then apply for a Dominica passport.

The investor/applicant will deposit into a specific account the amount of their investment. This amount cannot be withdrawn from the account unless the application is withdrawn, rejected or approved. In either of the first two cases the applicant will be refunded. However, if the application is rejected because of false information or declarations, forged or fraudulent documents submitted by the applicant then the investment will be forfeited to the Commonwealth of Dominica and shall not be refunded.

If the application is refused, all sums (net of bank charges and exchange rate differential) paid into the designated account shall be refunded to the applicant within one (1) month of the rejection of the application. However, no sums paid as fees to Government on applications for economic citizenship shall be refunded.

Processing of applications for Dominica economic citizenship can take at least eight (8) weeks.

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