Second Citizenship

There are currently three active legitimate 2nd passport or second citizenship programs available, these are:

The Dominica Economic Citizenship Program and the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program grants second passport and a 2nd citizenship for life, while the Panama Instant Passport Program grants a Panama passport and residency. This Panamanian passport is valid for term of five years after which the passport (not citizenship) may be renewed under the same conditions under which it is granted.

The St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment is the longest running economic citizenship or 2nd citizenship program of the three. In 1984, the economic citizenship program was launched as a viable economic project, and by virtue of its ongoing success, it is called the “oldest and most respected program leading to citizenship”. The 2nd passport program of St Kitts and Nevis is designed to attract major capital investment and allows dual citizenship. Investors who enroll in the St Kitts citizenship program make a financial investment/contribution to one or government that is more specific endorsed projects on the islands. By virtue of the investment into the development of the nation, once the investment process is completed the investor may apply for St Kitts citizenship and a St Kitts passport. There are two main investment options for the St Kitts Economic Legal Second Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

In 1991, the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program (a legal second citizenship by investment program) opened up the door to new types of economic diversification. The program geared toward generating investment interest and earning revenue for development projects. The Dominica Citizenship program is the best “the citizenship without residency” program, based on return for investment and cost of investment. Persons investing in the Dominica Economic Citizenship program have the opportunity to make a non-refundable financial contribution; the money channeled to funding of development projects. Upon successful completion of the application process, applicants will be naturalized, becoming citizens of Dominica. Once naturalized, they are entitled to a Dominica passport. There are two main investment options under the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program. The Single Option and the Family Option.

The Panama Instant Passport Program (PIPP) is not a direct investment program like the St Kitts and Dominica economic citizenship programs. The Panama passport program was first introduced in 1987. It was later suspended and the reinstated in 2008. It is not an instant passport program, nor does it grant citizenship to its applicants. The PIPP is a program that grants short-term residency and a Panama passport to applicants who invest in the country by way of maintaining a fixed deposit account.

The main applicant of the Panama passport program must maintain a five (5) year CD account in the Panama National Bank. That account must generate a minimum monthly interest of US850. If there are dependents on the application for the Panama Instant Passport Program, the account deposit account must generate the calculated amount, which is normally US850 per main applicant, plus US75 for each additional applicant on the file. The interest calculated is merely a guarantee of maintenance, that is, the applicant will generate enough resources to maintain the family if they choose to live in Panama. None of the money generated by the CD is paid to anyone, but the account holder.

One these conditions are fullfilled, the applicant receives a Panama passport that is valid for 5 years, and a 5 year residency permit. The Certificate of Deposit (CD) cannot be withdrawn, or touched, except to increase the deposit amount. The deposit plus interest earned is returned to the applicant at the end of its term of maturity if the bearer no longer desires the residency and passport benefits. The applicant can chose to either withdraw or reinstate the CD, upon which another 5-year passport is issued. Once the applicant withdraws the money at the end of the term, the passport cannot be renewed. Click here for further reading on PIPP.

The success of these legal second citizenship-by-investment and second passport programs: The Dominica Economic Citizenship Program, The Panama Instant Passport Program and the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program, relies heavily on the issuance of passports and citizenship (where applicable) within strict guidelines of the laws under which they are mandated, and following the relevant regulations.

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